Report: Mathematician Finds 500,000 ‘Unique’ Last Names In Pennsylvania Ballots, ‘Sophisticated State Actor Was Able to Optimize Desired…

Mathematician Bobby Piton recently testified at the Arizona voter fraud hearing and dropped a devastating report. 

Mr. Piton has used math to prove blatant voter fraud and gave testimony about his findings during a hearing before the Arizona legislator. 

Piton found that after examining 9 million records in Pennsylvania he identified 521,879 unique last names. These unique names have no parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, or cousins who have the same last names. 

About 245,033 total last names in Pennsylvania belong to only one person. 

Pennsylvania has 695,430 fewer people in the top 1000 Last Names. Bobby Piton found that there were fewer people with common surnames such as Smith, Jackson, Johnson. 

Piton believes that over 695,000 ballot illegal ballots were cast in Pennsylvania. 

On election night President Trump lead Biden by over 700,000 votes however, within a few days Biden took the lead. 

Piton believes that something similar happened in Georgia and that a “sophisticated state actor was able to create the desired outcome in both states.”

A member of President Trump’s team has reached out to Piton who sent all of his data and results to his campaign. 

Below is a detailed breakdown of Piton’s findings: