Rigged: Obama Nominated Judge Is Trying To Kill The Trump Campaign Efforts To Expose Voter Fraud

The fix is in.

An Obama nominated federal judge is trying to hamper the efforts of attorney’s representing President Trump in the state of Pennsylvania.

Attorney Marc Scaringi of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, is the attorney handling the case as of Monday, the day before US District Judge Matthew Brann was scheduled to hear motions by Pennsylvania to dismiss the lawsuit.

Scaringi requested the hearing be delayed because he just took the case due to the President’s legal team in Pennsylvania turning over.

“Having only been retained today, Plaintiffs’ new counsel need additional time to adequately prepare this case for the upcoming oral argument and evidentiary hearing,” Scaringi wrote in a court filing.

“Furthermore, this is a case of significant complexity and importance to the people of the United States of America,” he said. “And, further, the court record compiled in such a short period of time already contains 148 docket entries by Plaintiffs, multiple Defendants and multiple Intervenor Defendants.”

That motion was refused in what has been seen as an outrageous partisan decision. It gave Scaringi less than 24 hours to prepare for the oral arguments.

When Brann was confirmed in 2012 in reply to questions before the Senate he said,  a “United States district judge should be fair, impartial, cordial, timely, calm and dignified. The parties in litigation before the court, their counsel, fellow jurists, and the court staff should be treated with courtesy.”

He also said, “I am committed to upholding the impartiality of the federal judicial system, but it will be difficult to end my career as an advocate.”

Rhino Republican Senator Pat Toomey introduced Brann during his confirmation hearing.


Western Journal