RNC Chair McDaniel Wants a ‘Review’ (Should Be Autopsy) of the ‘Dead Wave’ – Watch

Let’s just all admit that the GOP machinery failed to generate enough power to create the red wave we all hoped for. In light of what happened, it’s not only citizens who want to know why this happened, the Republican National Committee members are asking the same thing. 

There is a review, or should we say “autopsy” that is being done on the “dead wave.”

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel announced the formation of a “new Republican advisory council” including Kellyanne Conway, Virginia AG Jason Miyares, Senator-elect Katie Britt, Blake Masters, and some other 2022 candidates and elected Republicans. 

McDaniel’s said that the group would “advise on continuing the success we saw in 2022.” That seems like a generous sentiment on what really happened since Democrats picked up the U.S. Senate seat in Pennsylvania and retained control of seats in Arizona, Nevada, and New Hampshire.

The review group’s report is expected to start following next week’s U.S. Senate runoff election in Georgia.

McDaniel is seeking another term as chair of the RNC nd she faces opposition from Lee Zeldin and Minnesota pillow CEO Mike Lindell. 

Zeldin doesn’t seem to need a committee, he has already been sharing his thoughts on what happened in November. He contrasted what happened nationally with what he was able to pull off in the longtime blue state of New York.

Zeldin tweeted out this information, “In addition to timing, a wave depends on how hard you campaign, how effectively you communicate, how well you fundraise, how efficiently you spend, how hard you lean into voting laws, how detailed you plan and execute, how much you collaborate, and how unified you are as a team.”

Zeldin also emphasized the need for the GOP to “continue fighting to prevent ballot harvesting provisions from spreading, but taking advantage of such laws where they’ve already been passed to beat Democrats at their own game: Wherever they propose ballot harvesting, totally oppose it.”