RNC Makes Huge List of Biden’s Big Whoppers – Watch

The Republican National Committee put together a pretty comprehensive list of all of President Joe Biden’s biggest whoppers. When you look at the twenty some completely bogus stories from Biden, it is almost hard to even believe that one person has told so many wild things. 

He has made repeated claims that he drove an 18-wheeler, “I used to drive a tractor trailer … I only did it for part of a summer,” Biden said in 2021. But there’s no real evidence that he ever really did it. 

Biden also said that he spoke to the inventor of insulin, but the two given credit for this were dead before Biden was born. 

The president on multiple occasions talked about a house fire that almost killed his wife and a couple of firefighters, but it was really just a fire confined to the kitchen and there were no injuries. 

There’s also the story that Biden had grown up in the Puerto Rican community in Delaware, but in 1970 Puerto Ricans accounted for 0.39% of the population.

President Biden talked about spending time at the Tree of Life synagogue after the 2018 shooting there, but leaders there say he never visited. 

Oh, and Biden claimed to have served as a liaison to Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir during the Six-Day War. But Biden had not even become a senator yet and Meir was not even prime minister when the war took place. 

Here’s another, Biden claimed that the first time he got arrested was at a civil rights protest…nope, no evidence of his arrest.

Let’s do one more, Biden claimed he “was appointed to the [Naval] Academy in 1965.”

But there is no record of Biden being nominated to the Naval Academy, and Biden graduated from the University of Delaware in 1965 — making it impossible.

This is getting painful, and there’s a whole bunch more from the RNC.