Europe On The Brink: Media Blackout Of MASSIVE Protests Against Mandates, Riots Over Austria Unvaxxed Law

Europe is on the knifes edge as citizens all over the continent are getting fed up with mandates being imposed by their governments.

In Rome, there was a massive protest against the Italian governments vaccine mandate passport system.

In Vienna 38,000 people marched on the Wiener Ring against new lockdown restrictions.

Initially, officials in Austria were locking down the unvaccinated however, then announced another 10 day lockdown for everyone.

The government is now crafting a vaccine law that will make the jab mandatory. Those who are unvaccinated will be fined and possibly incarcerated.

From the Guardian:

The [Austrian]government said it was preparing the legal groundwork for a general vaccine mandate to come into effect from 1 February, with exemptions for those unable to receive a jab on medical grounds.

The age from which people will be required to be vaccinated has not yet been determined, the government said.

Those refusing to be vaccinated are likely to face administrative fines, which can be converted into a prison sentence if the fine cannot be recovered.

The announcement has caused unrest inside the country.

The Netherlands has seen a large uprising after Prime Minister Mark Rutte imposed another lockdown and called for a national passport system.

There are also reports that Germany is considering having police take unvaccinated people into custody and bring them to a vaccinator.

Large protests also took place in Zurich, Switzerland and Britain.