Rudy Had Just a Little Talk with Jesus About His Chest Pain

Rudy Giuliani shared from his heart about his heart with Steve Bannon on his podcast, ‘War Room.’ He talked about his recent heart stent surgery and his decision to wait a few weeks before seeing a doctor after he began having chest pains.
Giuliani said that he “had a conversation with Jesus,” and asked Him to give him three more weeks so that he could be there for his son’s campaign before having surgery.
Bannon questioned the former NYC mayor and personal lawyer for former President Trump about the decision to wait several weeks before going to the hospital due to chest pain.
“The answer is my son was running,” Giuliani explained.
Andrew Giuliani was running as the Republican candidate in the election for governor of New York this past month. Unfortunately, the younger Giuliani lost to Lee Zeldin by about 60,000 votes, according to Ballotpedia.
Rudy was helping his son campaign in the gubernatorial race when he was slapped in the back by a pro-choice employee at a Shop Rite on Staten Island. Talking about the incident, he said that it felt like he had been shot. He said that it was his good health that kept him from falling over when the guy slapped him in the back.
“It was much harder than the video makes it appear,” Giuliani said.
Regarding the talk with Jesus, Giuliana went further with Bannon, “I had a conversation with Jesus about it. Seriously! I made a calculated decision I said ‘give me three more weeks’ and thank God he did,” Giuliani, 78, said.
He went on to describe that one of his arteries was 95% blocked when he got the hospital and had tests done. He said that because of his overall good condition, he did not have a heart attack.
Rudy told Bannon that he is recovering well since the stent surgery and will continue his podcast.