Report Unveils Ivy League School Donations

We’ve got a real bombshell for you today. Yale University is under fire for not disclosing over $15 million in contributions from Qatar, a nation known for supporting Hamas, according to a watchdog group’s investigation.

The Institute for the Study of Global Antisemitism and Policy (ISGAP) discovered that since 2012, Yale has received at least $15,925,711 from Qatari entities but only publicly reported one grant worth $284,668. This omission violates federal disclosure laws requiring American universities to report all foreign gifts and contracts over $250,000 semi-annually.

ISGAP’s findings are alarming. Yale’s lack of transparency on foreign funding raises serious questions, especially since federal laws mandate that such financial details be made public.

The watchdog group pointed out that many U.S. schools, including Yale, are in breach of these regulations, which could result in significant legal consequences if the law were enforced properly.

Qatar has been a major donor to American schools, contributing $5.6 billion to 61 U.S. institutions since 2007, including Ivy Leagues like Yale, Harvard, and Cornell. This influx of money has allowed Qatar to wield considerable influence at these prestigious institutions, promoting anti-Israel propaganda and suppressing criticism of Qatar’s ties to Hamas, Iran, and other contentious regimes.

ISGAP’s latest report suggests that Yale’s financial activities might even be criminal and could lead to litigation. The group alleges that Yale and other universities are defrauding the U.S. Department of Education by not fully disclosing the financial support they receive from Qatar. Yale, however, disputes these findings, claiming that they are not aware of any unreported funding from Qatar.

The Education Department has previously investigated Yale for underreporting foreign funds, finding that the university failed to report $375 million in foreign gifts and contracts over four years.

Despite this scrutiny, Yale has continued to receive financial support from Qatar, including Qatari-funded projects involving Yale employees, in-kind gifts, and various collaborative initiatives.

Several Yale schools, such as its School of Medicine, Jackson School of Global Affairs, and the Whitney and Betty MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies, have benefited from Qatari funding.

ISGAP uncovered $9 million in grants from Qatar’s National Priorities Research Program between 2013 and 2020. Additionally, Yale has participated in various Qatari-led initiatives like the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE), further deepening its financial ties to Qatar.

The revelations from ISGAP’s report have sparked calls for the federal government to prohibit Qatari funding of American universities and to launch a federal investigation into the non-reporting of foreign donations.

Charles Asher Small, ISGAP’s executive director, highlighted the connection between Qatari funding and the rise in anti-Semitic incidents on campuses, suggesting that the undisclosed Qatari grants at Yale might be contributing to this troubling trend.