Say It Ain’t Joe…That’s What America Is Saying in New Poll – Watch

A new poll released on Monday shows that a staggering 74% of Americans believe the country is on the “wrong track” under President Joe Biden.

“Just 20 percent of voters believe this country is headed in the right direction. Seventy-four percent say the nation is on the wrong track,” NBC’s Chuck Todd said. He explained how it’s been about 70 for a sustained period “for about a year now.” “The last two periods in the history of this poll when it had this kind of sustained negativity about the direction of the country was before the 92 election and before the 2008 election. Both of those changed the party controlling the White House,” he added.

The poll, conducted by the Pew Research Center, also found that Biden’s approval rating has sunk to just 38%, the lowest of his presidency.

“A full 68 percent of voters — including 43 percent of Democrats, which is twice what it was in 2020 — say they are concerned that Biden does not have the necessary mental and physical health to be president,” Todd detailed. That’s the number who say it’s a “major or moderate concern.” That’s up from 51 percent in 2020. So constantly seeing what bad shape Biden is in day after day — showing the incoherence and all the issues — is getting through to people, and they believe it’s a big issue.

The polls also showed that former President Donald Trump was increasing his lead on the rest of the GOP field.

The poll’s findings are a reminder of the challenges that Biden faces as president. He is a Democrat in a deeply divided country, and he is facing a number of crises, both foreign and domestic.

It is unclear whether Biden will be able to overcome these challenges and win reelection in 2024. However, the poll’s findings suggest that he will need to make some significant changes if he wants to improve his chances of success.