‘Cryin’ Chuck Schumer Accidentally Outs One Of Schiff’s White House Snitches

Senate Chuck Schumer has goof’d again and just outed a Democrat spy set up by House Intelligence Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff.

Last November Schumer accidentally outed one of Schiff’s snitches in a tweet where he called LTC Alexander Vindman a whistleblower. Schumer wrote, “LTC Alexander Vindman and whistleblowers like him are patriots. They are standing up for the Constitution they swore an oath to defend. They don’t deserve these disgraceful attacks, and they must be protected from reprisals.”

Of course, later on, we would watch Vindman lie before congress.

Then on Tuesday Schumer wrote, “Not only is retaliation against LTC Vindman, the anonymous whistleblower, and others like them shameful—it is also illegal. I’m calling on every single federal Inspector General to investigate any and all retaliation against whistleblowers who disclose presidential misconduct.”

So is LTC Vindman “Anonymous” that wrote the New York Times op-ed describing how they are resisting President Trump from the inside? From what Schumer just wrote it’s entirely possible. What we do know for sure is that Vindman was definitely one of Rep. Adam Schiff’s White House snitches.

However, it appears that the snitches in the National Security Council have been removed. This week President Trump shrunk the NSC from 200 positions to 100 similar to what former President George Bush had. All Obama holdovers were returned to their original duty stations or left government work (probably to be media contributors on MSNBC or CNN).