Supreme Court Blocks Dems Attempting A Second Impeachment Attempt

The Supreme Court put up a roadblock halting Democrats on their quest for a second round of impeachment hearings. House Democrats were trying to obtain secret grand jury testimony from special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.

Initially the court’s unsigned order allowed the Trump administration the ability to keep the undisclosed details from the Russia investigation out of the hands of Democrat lawmakers.

The court will eventually decide to extend it holds and has scheduled arguments for the case in the fall. However, it’s more likely President Trump will be elected to his second term before the material is made public.

Breitbart News reports:

For justices eager to avoid a definitive ruling, the delay could mean never having to decide the case, if either Trump loses or Republicans regain control of the House next year. It’s hard to imagine the Biden administration would object to turning over the Mueller documents or House Republicans would continue to press for them.

The federal appeals court in Washington ruled in March that the documents should be turned over because the House Judiciary Committee’s need for the material in its investigation of Trump outweighed the Justice Department’s interests in keeping the testimony secret.

Mueller’s 448-page report, issued in April 2019, “stopped short” of reaching conclusions about Trump’s conduct, including whether he obstructed justice, to avoid stepping on the House’s impeachment power, the appeals court said.

The House had opposed the delay on the grounds that its investigation of Trump was continuing, and that time is of the essence because of the approaching election. The current session of the House will end Jan. 3, and lawmakers elected in November will take their seats.

The committee investigation “continues today and has further developed in light of recent events,” the House told the justices, citing the “possible exercise of improper political influence” on decisions to seek a shorter prison term for Trump confidant Roger Stone and end the prosecution of former national security adviser Michael Flynn, despite his two guilty pleas.

It amazes me that after everything that has been declassified that Democrats are continuing this insane quest to impeach President Trump, these people have clearly lost their minds.

Breitbart News