Seattle’s Autonomous Zone ‘Security’ Kills Black Teen, & Wounds Another As CHAZ Turns Into Chaos

A 16-year-old, black teenager is dead and another 14-year-old black teenager is fighting for his life after Seattle’s CHOP security fire into their Jeep. Protestors claim that it was in self-defense however, police say the crime scene has been “disturbed.”

Homicide detectives are trying to figure out what happened to two teenagers who were shot inside a white Jeep near a barrier around the Capitol Hill Organized Protest zone around 3 am Monday. Detectives were able to search the vehicle for evidence however they said it was obvious the crime scene had been “disturbed.”

Protesters claim security shot back after the teens started firing and their vehicle slammed into a concrete barrier donated by the city’s mayor.

This is the fourth shooting and second murder in the past nine days inside Antifastan.

We just heard shot after shot after shot,” a live streamer on the scene said.

You can hear the gunshots…

Even people inside the zone are warnings others, it has descended into chaos.

On a more positive note, here are is a counter-protest outside the Teddy Roosevelt statue in New York City…

Daily Mail