Secret Service Travel Records Shine Light On Hunter’s & Joe’s Dirty Dealings

According to Secret Service travel records Hunter biden took 411 trips across 29 countries between 2009 and the middle of 2014. Twenty-three of those flights were out of Joint Base Andrews-home to Air Force One and Air Force two. 

The mainstream media wants Americans to believe that Hunter Biden is a saint and is a victim of the right wing media. President Biden said Hunter is “the smartest guy I know.” Joe claimed that the New York Post’s Hunter laptop story was Russian disinformation, which we knew (and know) is a lie. 

We now have even more information that Hunter flew to and from American military bases. So far there are no records detailing what he did when he arrived. The records obtained by Judicial Watch via a Freedom of Information Act show that one of those countries Hunter traveled to was China and had “social meetings” with officials. 

According to the letter sent in the FOIA requisition Judicial Watch is investigating one trip in particular. 

From Judicial Watch:

We write to request information about whether Hunter Biden used government-sponsored travel to help conduct private business, to include his work for Rosemont Seneca and related entities in China and Ukraine. In December of 2013, one month after Rosemont Seneca’s joint venture with Bohai Capital to form BHR, Hunter Biden reportedly flew aboard Air Force Two with then-Vice President Biden to China.3While in China, he helped arrange for Jonathan Li, CEO of Bohai Capital, to “shake hands” with Vice President Biden.4Afterward, Hunter Biden met with Li for reportedly a “social meeting.”‘ After the China trip, BHR’s business license was approved.’ Then, in 2015, BHR joined with Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) to acquire Henniges, which was the “biggest Chinese investment into US automotive manufacturing assets to date.’

The documents have also been sent to the ranking Republicans in the Senate.

Judicial Watch