Sen. Rubio Destroy’s Schumer After He Tries To Tell A Whopper Of A Lie; ‘Senator Schumer You Don’t Want To Go There. I Have…’

Democrats are proclaiming themselves the party of “science,” “data,” and “facts.” Well, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer got a good dose of “facts” after Senator Marco Rubio hammered him when Schumer tried to tell a whopper of a lie.

Thanks to Senate Democrats and Nancy Pelosi the Paycheck Protection Plan has run out of money so Democrats are trying to cover up the fact that they screwed up. MSNBC Joe Scarborough was first to push the new narrative, “Why are so many small business owners telling me they’re getting no help from the PPP program?” He said.

The Senate Minority Leader thought the coast was clear and gave a shout out to small businesses. Schumer said that Democrats are “fighting for the nail salons” and “barbershops.” Then he had the gall to ask, “Why are Senator McConnell and Republicans only trying to help bigger businesses that already have connections to bigger banks?”

Much to Schumer’s dismay Senator Marco Rubio jumped in and torched Schumer with “facts.”

“Senator Schumer you don’t want to go there. I have a long list of Democratic members who pushed us to include franchise restaurants & even venture capital owned companies. And you yourself told me you wanted #PPP to cover businesses  you knew in NY with more than 500 employees.”

Oh please, please Senator Rubio release the list and let’s see it. The Democrats are destroying the country and they need to be held accountable.

Red State