Senate Committee Denies Epstein Flight Log Subpoena Request

Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee has accused Democratic Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois of blocking her request to subpoena flight logs for the private plane of convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. In a Twitter post, Blackburn questioned why Democrats would want to keep these records hidden.

According to Blackburn, Durbin’s actions represent a “sad day in the history of the prestigious Judiciary Committee.” She also accused Senate Democrats of trying to undermine the Supreme Court and Justice Clarence Thomas while ignoring allegations against Justice Sonia Sotomayor about using her staff to promote her own book.

Blackburn’s request for the flight logs was made during a meeting of the Judiciary Committee in early November, where they were discussing possible subpoenas related to a Supreme Court ethics probe. She argued that given the numerous allegations of human trafficking and abuse surrounding Epstein, it was crucial to identify anyone else who may have been involved.

The private plane in question, dubbed “The Lolita Express” by some media outlets, was allegedly used by Epstein to fly underage girls to his private Caribbean island and other places around the world. The billionaire financier, who pleaded not guilty to charges of sex trafficking and sex trafficking conspiracy, was found dead in his jail cell in Manhattan in July 2019.

In response to the allegations, Durbin’s office released a statement to Fox News Digital, saying that the senator had made it clear he was willing to stay all day to allow Republicans to offer and debate the 177 amendments filed ahead of the markup. It was during this debate that Blackburn attempted to offer the first amendment to authorize the subpoena for the flight records, but according to a Democratic committee aide, Republican committee members began to filibuster and prevent it from happening.

The statement also highlighted that Blackburn’s request for the flight logs was not the only one she had filed, with several others relating to the Supreme Court ethics probe. This included a subpoena to Epstein’s estate, which the senator argued was necessary to identify all those who may have participated in his “horrific conduct.”

Blackburn’s accusations have fueled the ongoing debate over the legacy and connections of Jeffrey Epstein, who was known to have associated with several prominent figures, including politicians and celebrities. The controversy surrounding his case has only grown since his death in prison, with many questioning the circumstances of his apparent suicide and calling for more investigations and accountability.

As for Blackburn’s request for the flight logs, it remains to be seen if it will be granted in the future. But for now, the senator continues to raise important questions and push for transparency and justice in the case of Jeffrey Epstein.