Senate Dems Run The Same Play On Judge Barrett They Ran On Jeff Sessions, Only This Time They FAILED

The more things change the more they stay the same Democrat’s are running the same play on Judge Barrett that they ran on Sessions.

Let’s rewind back to when Jeff Sessions was confirmed Attorney General. We all remember that fateful day when Sessions, under pressure from Democrats, recused himself from the Russia probe that proved to be a hoax. Sessions decision allowed the Democrats and the deep state to continue the Russian hoax unabated.

Democrats in the Senate are running the same play on Judge Barrett trying to pressure her to recuse herself from being involved in any Supreme Court decision involving the November election.

Senator, I lied about Vietnam Blumenthal said that if Judge Barrett is confirmed she, “must commit to recuse herself” from any case involving the election.

Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer is also demanding that Barrett recuse herself.

“It is clear that Judge Barrett would strike down the Affordable Care Act that has delivered quality and affordable health care to millions of Americans with pre-existing conditions, and that President Trump thinks he needs her on the high court to help him win re-election,” Schumer (D-NY) said during a news conference Sunday. “With these serious conflicts of interest, Judge Barrett must immediately do the bare minimum and pledge to recuse herself from decisions involving the ACA and the 2020 election.”

Barrett did respond during the hearing and Democrats didn’t like her answer.

During the hearing, Judge Barrett also jabbed at judicial activism.

Democrats running the old tired playbook.

New York Post