GOP Sen Rubio Intros Bill That Would Strip Certain Americans Of Their 2nd Amend Right & Make Citizens Guilty Even If Proven Innocent

Republican Senator Marco Rubio has reintroduced a bill that would strip an Americans of their 2nd Amendment Right even if they are found innocent. 

The bill is called the Terror Intelligence Improvement Act, “The bill would also provide more authority for law enforcement agencies to go after suspected terrorists, while safeguarding law-abiding citizens’ Second Amendment and due process rights.”

The bill was on the table in response to the Orland, Florida Pulse nightclub attack. 

“After the terrorist attack at Pulse nightclub, I made a promise to improve our laws to make it more difficult for evil people to get ahold of guns,” Rubio said.“This bill is a common-sense measure that would help ensure criminals, terrorists, and others seeking to take innocent lives are not able to acquire firearms, while also protecting the due process and Second Amendment rights of innocent, law-abiding Americans.”

One of the parts of the bill would prohibit anyone from purchasing a firearm that has been the subject of a federal terrorism investigation (including domestic terror) within the last 10 years. Should a person investigated attempt to purchase a firearm they could be arrested. 

The Act would: 

When an individual who was the subject of a federal terrorism investigation within the last 10 years tries to obtain a firearm, allow the U.S. Attorney General to delay the purchase or transfer for up to ten business days and file an emergency petition in court to prevent the transfer. If the court finds probable cause that the individual is or has been engaged in terrorism, the Attorney General may arrest the individual.

Americans are no longer innocent until proven guilty. 

Should the bill pass a law enforcement agency could investigate an American and if no wrong doing was found they would be unable to purchase a firearm for 10 years. 

Nobody wants a terrorist to buy a gun however, being under investigation is different than being found guilty; there’s this thing called the Constitution. 

Senator Chuck Schumer is all about the bill and said, “Every senator is now going to have to say, whether they’re for terrorists getting guns or against terrorists getting guns.”

Second Amendment supporter and advocate Dana Loesch said an easier answer is for lawmaker to “stop suspected terrorists placed on a watch list from buying firearms they need to indict them.”

I have no problem with this, she wrote. “I do have a problem with stripping someone of a natural right based on suspicion alone as a penalty without a conviction. Lawmakers want inclusion on the list to count as a conviction because it excuses them from bringing formal charges based on evidence. If you have evidence, bring forth charges. This expectation that the American people should bear the burden of the state’s inability, or outright refusal, to prosecute suspected terrorists isn’t constitutional.”

Rubio says he wants the bill to “protect the due process and Second Amendment rights of innocent, law-abiding Americans.”

What about the fact that Americans are innocent until proven guilty? 

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