Sickout? Southwest Airlines Collapses After COVID Policy Backlash

Over the weekend Southwest Airlines had to cancel almost 27% of their flights because no one showed up for work.

The airline claimed that disruptive weather resulted “in a high volume of cancellations” however no other airline reported any disruptions.

There were some rumors that there was a walkout of flight traffic controllers in Jacksonville started the problem however that would have affected all traffic not just Southwest. The FAA also reported that there was no staffing shortage.

On the other hand, as of the writing of this post Southwest has not denied they are having issues with staffing.

If it wasn’t for social media we never would have known anything was wrong and this is one reason why the left wants to control it. They don’t want us to see the images and video below.

A woman showed massive crowds in the Southwest terminal and only four desk agents working.

One user called Southwest out and showed the board of flights at the airport only SW had problems.

It’s unclear if workers walked off the job or didn’t show up but, whatever happen caused chaos all over the country.

The disruption follows Southwest Airlines employees union filing a restraining order against the companies mandatory vaccination mandate.

Just a little throwback clip…