Silent Majority: Overwhelming Data Shows Democrat Voters Stand With Trump Right Now

A poll conducted by the Morning Consult was pretty impressive it included large sections of American voters. The results showed that even Democrat supporters that do not approve of President Trump overall, back his use of the National Guard to address the riots tearing cities apart.

For those that like to dive a little deeper here is the full breakdown including demographics of the poll.

The polls back up the President’s post, “SILENT MAJORITY.”

71% percent of polled American voters said that they support the National Guard helping police departments end the “protests and demonstrations” (the poll did not use the word “riots”).

42% of the voters said they “strongly support” the use of the National Guard and 29% said they “somewhat support” it. A mere 11% percent “strongly oppose” the measure and 9% “somewhat oppose” it.

African American voters were split. Forty-three percent of polled African-Americans were either “strongly oppose” or somewhat oppose” to the use of the National Guard, while 42% supported the idea.

Hispanic voters were heavily in favor of cities using the National Guard.

54% of polled Hispanic voters “strongly” or “somewhat” supported and only  25% of Hispanics opposed.

When it comes to using the active-duty military Americans polled were open to it but seemed to prefer letting the National Guard handle it.

Breitbart News reports:

A smaller majority of American voters (58 percent) support the use of the U.S. Military to supplement city police forces. 33 percent said they strongly support the measure and 25 percent somewhat support it, compared to 19 percent who strongly oppose and 11 percent who somewhat oppose.

Republicans are again more likely to support the use of the military, but once again, a plurality of Democrat voters also supports the measure. 48 percent of polled Democrat voters either strongly or somewhat support the use of the military, compared to 43 percent or strongly or somewhat oppose it.

If Democrats thought the silent majority was big in 2016, they have no idea what is coming their way. It is possible that states like Minnesota and possibly New York could go red because people are fed up.

For two months they were trapped in their homes, arrested for going to the park, and saw their businesses go down the tubes. Now, the same Democrat governors and mayors that treated to arrest Americans for getting a haircut are encouraging lawlessness; if you dare say anything they deem you a racist. These people of all different races and creeds have seen their privately owned business burned to the ground so these rioters can have “space” to “blow off steam.” Those business owners and people trapped in their homes because of roving mobs are going to “blow off steam” as well, in November. 

Breitbart News