Slime Ball Journalist Is Looking For Dirt On Man Who Is Retooling Factory To Help Save America

The media just can’t understand why we don’t trust them and here is a glaring example of why we don’t.

Adam Klasfeld, a “reporter” for Court House News is requesting dirt on Mike Lindell and his company My Pillow. This comes almost one week after Lindell pledged that he is going to retool his factories to produce N95 masks.

Here’s what Adam Klasfeld is looking for:

This isn’t even “journalism,” he’s asking on a social media platform for people to send him evidence that is totally unsubstantiated, which no doubt he’ll write up as confirmed sources. Similar to the media’s claim that a White House official nobody would name that supposedly called the coronavirus the “kung fu flu.” The media dropped the story after the White House demanded they inform them who said it and called their bluff.

Why is Lindell even being targeted? How many times have liberals told us billionaires need to sacrifice for the greater good. One can only imagine the losses Lindell is taking to retool his factories and produce masks.

The man is doing his part to help his country and here comes this joker in the media looking up dirt to destroy him.

This also has triggered the liberals about Lindell.

I wonder if Klasfeld will open up the same type of investigation on the money Michael Bloomberg is giving to the Democrat Party or the money Harvey Weinstein has donated?