Schiff’s Luggage Missing After Landing In San Francisco

Democratic California Rep. Adam Schiff faced a major inconvenience during his recent trip to San Francisco.

The Congressman’s luggage was stolen from his car while it was parked in a downtown garage. Shockingly, this type of crime has become all too common in the once-beautiful city.

But instead of bringing attention to the rampant crime problem plaguing San Francisco, Schiff casually brushed off the incident. According to reports, he showed up to a dinner party with his supporters wearing a shirt and hiking vest. How embarrassing.

But Schiff is not alone in his experience. San Francisco’s North Beach neighborhood, a popular tourist destination, has seen a staggering 2,500 car break-ins in just seven months. That’s over 11 break-ins a day! Some residents have even resorted to leaving their trunks open to avoid becoming victims of this rampant crime.

And it’s not just car break-ins that have residents on edge. In 2023, nearly half of all crimes throughout San Francisco went unreported. That’s right, residents are so used to these crimes that they don’t even bother to report them anymore. No wonder criminals feel emboldened to target the city’s residents and tourists.

But the real kicker? Local police departments have become targets for criminals as well. Instead of focusing on protecting the community, they are now having to deal with break-ins and theft from their own stations. It’s a sad state of affairs when even those tasked with keeping us safe are not immune to the rampant crime in San Francisco.

Despite all of this, Schiff’s office remained silent on the issue. They did not respond to requests for comment, seemingly content to ignore the city’s crime wave. Is this the type of leadership we can expect from Schiff as a Senator? Turning a blind eye to the problems facing his own constituents?