So Much For Build Back Better: Biden Is Crushing Americans Report Shows It’s All His Fault

It was buried deep in a report from Market Watch, Biden isn’t building back better, he’s building back to the days were our country was taken advantage of.

People are starting to panic buy in the east coast after Russian hackers cyber attack shutdown a pipeline that supplies 45% of the gasoline to the east coast. 

There doesn’t seem to be a worry that of supply and oil futures traded lower on Tuesday after Colonial Pipeline announced that they’ll be back to normal by the end of the week. 

“Oil prices are falling as the Colonial Pipeline disruption has all the hallmarks of a short-term glitch,” said Sophie Griffiths, analyst at Oanda. “Investors have accepted that the pipeline failure is not likely to be an ongoing issue, with a phased restart expected imminently and full operation restored by the end of the week.”

However, buried in the bottom of the Market Watch report they buried a damning fact about oil prices. 

“Despite the ongoing problems with the Colonial pipeline, a key U.S. pipeline for oil products, violent conflicts in Israel that frequently drive up the risk premium, and a fire at the world’s second-largest oil field in Kuwait, one of the world’s leading oil exporters, oil prices have fallen,” wrote Eugen Weinberg, analyst at Commerzbank.

“However, because the market normally looks for fundamental factors to explain price fluctuations, fears of the pandemic’s impact in Asia, talks between Iran and Saudi Arabia, and the upcoming relaunch of the Colonial pipeline are being cited as possible reasons,” Weinberg added. 

When Trump was in office oil issues that happened outside the US wouldn’t have effected us because America was self sufficient. But, when Biden took office he immediately went after oil producers in the USA which is causing us to once again rely on other countries for our oil and allow overseas events to dictate the price. 

Last year, America was unaffected when Saudi Arabia and Russia had a dispute over oil because of former President Trump’s policies however, under the Biden administration we are headed back to the same old same. 

The country was recovering from the pandemic then Biden took over, now he’s driving the country into the ground. 

Market Watch