Soros Is Dumping A Staggering Amount Of Money In ‘Racial Justice’ Groups

Progressive billionaire George Soro’s charitable organizations, the Open Society Foundations, announced on Monday they are dumping a staggering amount of money into “racial justice” groups.

Open Society plans on giving out over $150 million in grants over a five year period for organizations looking to “achieve equal statistical outcomes between demographic groups in economics and criminal justice.”

“It is inspiring and powerful to experience this transformational moment in the racial justice movement,” said Open Society Foundations president Patrick Gaspard. “We are honored to be able to carry on the vital work of fighting for rights, dignity, and equity for oppressed people the world over started by our founder and chair, George Soros.”

Soro’s son, Alexander said in another statement, “This is the time for urgent and bold action to address racial injustice in America. These investments will empower proven leaders in the Black community to reimagine policing, end mass incarceration, and eliminate the barriers to opportunity that have been the source of inequity for too long.”

Breitbart News reported that this announcement comes as Soros plans on doubling the money he spent in 2016 in an attempt to stop the re-election of President Trump.

“Soros has poured money “into the coffers of the Democracy PAC, a super PAC that passes money to other liberal PACs working to defeat Trump and congressional Republicans… [The] PAC has received $40 million, double the $20 million it received in 2016 throughout the presidential election.”

 Washington Free Beacon reported:

Many of the groups that receive money from Soros are top spenders backing massive anti-Trump campaigns. Priorities USA is the biggest outside spender this cycle, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, having spent more than $28 million. Its efforts include anti-Trump advertisements focused on criticizing the president’s response to the coronavirus pandemic in the swing states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

Breitbart News | Washington Free Beacon