South Carolina Democratic Senate Candidate Told to Drop Out of Race by Fellow Democrats…You Should Hear What She Said About White People – Watch

She’s a Democratic U.S. Senate candidate from South Carolina, and now even her colleagues in the Party want her to bow out because of what she said about white people. 

State Rep. Krystle Matthews is running for the U.S. Senate, at least for now. There is a new leaked audio recording that has her saying that white people need to be “treated like sh*t.”

These recorded remarks are from an undercover Project Veritas recording. She was being interviewed at a restaurant speaking to an unidentified reporter about her radical beliefs.

“My district is slightly Republican, and it’s heavily white. I’m no stranger to white people, I’m from mostly white town. And let me tell you one thing. You ought to know who you’re dealing with, like you gotta treat them [white people] like sh*t, like I mean, that’s the only way they’ll respect you,” she says. 

Matthews is running against Sen. Tim Scott in November and goes even further regarding white people being like children.

“I keep them right here — like under my thumbs. That’s where I keep it, like you have to,” she continues. “Otherwise, they get out of control — like kids. So, you know, like, for me I know other people are tip-toeing around them [white people]. And I’m like, ‘Yo, that’s some white sh*t. I ain’t doing that.’”

Instead of apologizing, Matthews doubled down on her rhetoric. 

“Aren’t you tired of politicians selling out our communities, spitting on our working families, and exploiting the rights of our women and children? While taking community pictures and kissing our babies, our favorite legislators wash their hands and sweep what our community needs under the rug. What would you call that? I call that SH**, and my mother raised me to treat something exactly how it is!” she said in a statement, according to Live 5 News. So when I stated to that undercover journalist … in that satirical MAGA Powered news outlet Project Veritas, ‘to treat these MAGA Republicans like SH**.’ I SAID WHAT I SAID! Play the whole tape ‘PROJECT VERITAS’ so the people will know who I was referring to. Regardless of race, I love everyone. One thing you can learn from Project Veritas’ first audio attack on me is obviously, I have no biases towards a certain ethnic group. I expressed my disgust for Black legislators who exhibit the same hypocrisy as MAGA Republicans. This is why I am challenging MAGA’s favorite Black legislator, Tim Scott. Understand I never proposed to be an orthodox candidate. I’m a community advocate who the people favored enough to have me take the seat of a Republican incumbent.”

Two leading Democrats in South Carolina didn’t buy her explanation, they are advising her to drop out of the race.