State Officials Trespass On Private Property To Remove Trump Sign

Welcome to The Peoples Republic of California where if you post something the state doesn’t like they’ll trespass on your property and remove it.

Last week, a Hollywood style “Trump” sign was erected close to California’s 405 Freeway on private property.

The sign went up between Monday and Tuesday night last week. The state of California decided that the sign was a “life and safety issue because there were concerns about distracted driving.”

The spokesperson added that the sign was erected on private property, so it could not legally be taken down, only laid on the ground “so it wasn’t a visual distraction.”

According to reports from KTLA5, the California Highway Patrol incident log timestamped at 6:41AM PST claimed the sign was a “traffic hazard” because people were slowing down to take pictures of the sign.

In the report, the person who first were triggered by the sign and reported it to police claimed that the sign was a fire hazard because it was near dry bush.

Here are state crews trespassing.

It is not know how owns the property or who put up the sign but, the way the state reacted to the sign I sure hope they remain anonymous.

State officials had no business being on private property removing that sign, I guarantee you if it said “Biden” on it, the sign would still be there today.

People were furious the sign was taken down.

“What’s new in California, so typical! Same reason why I can’t have my Trump flag up in my neighborhood; I’m afraid of vandalism but five blocks over there’s 2 BLM signs that we’re all respectful of,” one Twitter user wrote.

“I would sue the city for not allowing freedom of speech! It’s no freaking different then the Hollywood sign or a fire in the pass! If it had read Biden it would of been left up,” another user said.

Here’s a typical leftist response…

“It comes down to what you believe and what you support,” Cody James, a Biden supporter, said. “And, for me, the Trump stuff is not it.”

Though, James admitted, he would have been OK with a sign that said, “Biden.”

“I personally would be OK with it,” he said. “I’d be OK with that all day.”

Freedom for me but not for thee.

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