Steve Bannon Warns Dems Next Move & Makes A Bold Prediction, ‘Democrats Are Going to Look Seriously At…’

Former Trump Chief Strategist Steve Bannon made another appearance on Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo of Fox News Business.

The strategist that helped the President get elected in 2016 is sounding the alarm over what the Democrat’s next move is and makes one hell of a prediction.

Bannon said that with Biden’s record on China there is no way he beat President Trump. Biden’s sons have received billions of dollars from China and all of that will be exposed.

Below is a partial transcript:

Maria Bartiromo:  Do you think Joe Biden is going to be the Democrat candidate given his experience with China?

Steve Bannon:  Well, first off, he’s by far the weakest candidate.  He’s totally compromised.  Remember President basically had Biden as his wingman to do everything with China… He is personally compromised by the Chinese Communist Party…   He has made every bad decision in this managed decline of the United States…    It was Joe Biden who took the side of the Chinese Communist Party.  He was a useful idiot for the Chinese…    The Democratic Party has no chance of beating Donald J. Trump with Joe Biden.  It’s not going to happen.  Joe Biden is totally compromised…

Maria Bartiromo: Are they going to replace him or not?

Steve Bannon: I think at the convention they are going to look very seriously at replacing Biden and have somebody who can seriously take on Trump.

Biden has continued to be a total train wreck, even after taking a break from appearances on Thursday he sounded awful.

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