This Was The ‘Best’ Biden Could Do As Things Heat Up In Taiwan

If you thought Afghanistan was bad buckle up.

After seeing what happened in Afghanistan and on our southern border the world has figured out that Joe Biden is an incompetent weak leader. Sensing this, China is ramping up activity around Taiwan.

Over the weekend, China sent a record of 77 warplanes to buzz Taiwan airspace. Taiwan’s defense ministry reported that 20 Chinese aircraft entered on Saturday morning an another 19 encroached in the evening.

Taiwan responded by scrambling jets and deploying missile systems.

China has repeatedly entered into Taiwan airspace and it appears that they are probing Taiwan and gathering intelligence about their response.

The best thing the Biden Administration could come up was to send Beijing a letter asking them to please stop.

China is starting to flex their muscles and the Biden administration is useless.

According to reports China has has sent warships, anti-submarine aircraft and fighter planes to conduct live fire exercises near Taiwan in response to “provocations.”

From The Guardian:

China has launched live-fire air and sea exercises near Taiwan in response to what it called “external interference and provocations by Taiwan independence forces”.

According to a statement from Col Shi Yi, the spokesperson of the People’s Liberation Army’s (PLA) Eastern Theatre Command, warships, anti-submarine aircraft and fighter planes were dispatched to the south-west and south-east of Taiwan on Tuesday.

It’s no coincidence that China decided to launch the exercises right after Joe Biden humiliated America in Afghanistan.

Joe Biden has already shown himself weak and this would be the opportunity for the China to pounce considering they have effectively absorbed Hong Kong.

The People’s Liberation Army said, the US and Taiwan had “repeatedly provoked and sent serious wrong signals, severely infringed upon China’s sovereignty, and severely undermined the peace and stability of the Taiwan strait, which has become the biggest source of security risks across the Taiwan strait”.

“This exercise … is a solemn response to external interference and provocations by Taiwan independence forces,” it said.


Should Taiwan fall into the hands of the Chinese it would be the undoing of America as a global superpower and it would happen under Joe Biden’s watch.

Below is an example of just how weak the Biden administration is. The video is not satire or a skit, it is 100% real and it’s pathetic.

It seems it’s 1931 all over again and the world is in denial.

The Guardian