Take a Look at What the Left Just Said About DeSantis Now – Watch

OK, it is clear that according to the woke Left, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis can’t do anything right.

They are up in arms about his potential 2024 run for the White House and they are rabid in their effort to find things not to like about the popular governor. 

They have repeatedly called him a “racist” because of his commitment to the curriculum in the public school system. And they accused him of wanting senior citizens to die because of his stand during the Wuhan virus pandemic. He simply would not go “dictator” like other governors around the country. 

Recently they made a case that DeSantis was pushing a mandate that female athletes report details about their menstrual cycles to state authorities.

And they just can’t stand his fact-of-the-matter style and to-the-point way of communicating.

But come on, did they just go this far in their disgust for Gov. DeSantis?

They are now criticizing the kind of footwear that he chooses. 

Take a look at the latest tweets from American Bridge president Pat Dennis. The mission of this organization which is supported by billionaire George Soros is “holding Republicans accountable and helping deliver Democratic victories.”

So the way they are doing that in Florida is by charging that DeSantis consistently wears high-heeled boots to appear taller.


It wasn’t enough just to land that big blow against DeSantis, Dennis followed up with another tweet about Rubio. 

“Rubio also did this, famously, and it became a major line of attack against him in the 2016 primary.”

First of all, there are called cowboy boots and the governor probably just likes them like so many in the country. 

So there you go America, do you really want a guy like DeSantis wearing cowboy boots in the White House? 

The choice is yours. You must decide. But it didn’t turn out too bad with Ronny!