Take a Look: Breitbart Reports Biden’s Approval Rating Is in the 20s!

If this was a limbo game, Biden would be crushing it. But the president’s “how low can you go” job approval rating is terrible news for the White House.

According to RealClearPolitics, the president’s approval hit a record low of 36.8 this week. This is lower than the lowest it got for former President Donald Trump. He briefly hit 37 percent.

And Biden’s disapproval rating has tied his previous high at 57.5 percent. That means sleepy Joe is underwater by 20.7 percent.

The average score from the five most recent polls shows Biden with just a 36.6 percent job approval rating. 

Breitbart even reported an approval rating in the 20s:

On the same day of Donald Trump’s presidency, he enjoyed a 43.1 percent approval rating and a 52.7 disapproval rating. He was only underwater by 9.6 percent. 

Biden can’t catch a break even with the Democratically friendly polls anymore. Here’s a rundown:

Quinnipiac: 33 percent approve, 59 percent disapprove; 26 points underwater.

NPR/PBS: 36 percent approve, 58 percent disapprove; 22 points underwater.

Reuters/Ipsos: 36 percent approve, 59 percent disapprove; 23 points underwater.

Some experts are wondering how these percentages have gotten so low. It is commonly believed that these polls are usually manipulated by the Democratic elite who try to sway voters in the direction they want them. So some are speculating that the media now want Joe gone.

They know he can’t win in 2024 because of his age and cognitive ability.

Also, Biden is losing his base. His approval rating is now lower among Hispanic voters than among white voters. 

These numbers are low because of Biden’s policies. And instead of trying to stop the bleeding, Biden is doubling down on them.

Could the media be aware of what is happening and actually be trying to get Biden out of the White House?

Stay tuned, because some believe Biden’s numbers are going to go even lower in the weeks ahead.