Tattoo Exposes Denver Shooter That Killed Trump Supporter As Far Leftist Activist

Independent Journalist Tim Pool has exposed the “security guard” that shot and killed a Trump supporter.

Denver’s 9News hired a security guard to protect some of their staff during a pro-police rally. During an exchange, the security guard shot and killed a Trump supporter in the face.

The shooting was caught on video, as the Trump supporter protects himself using mace the security guard shoots him. You can watch the video by clicking here, below is a still image.

Initially, people were claiming that Antifa shot the man however, was contradicted by 9News admitting it was their security guard that pulled the trigger. However, after examining images and videos from the scene Tim Pool has exposed the security guard as a left-wing extremist.

The tattoo on the shooter’s forearm likely says “Sub.Mission,” the group actively supports the George Floyd riots. The shooter is a vocal Bernie supporter and was an Occupy Activist. Pool hammered 9News for not vetting “a political tribalist who said ‘left is best.'”

It has also been learned that 9News “security guard” isn’t actually a security guard.

Wow, so 9News hired an unlicensed radical that murdered a Trump supporter. Where is the outrage from our Republican party?