VIDEO: It’s Time For Cameras In Classroom, Teacher Caught Bullying 11 Year Old During Lesson

This isn’t education this is bullying. It’s time for accountability, we need live stream videos coming from each classroom so parents can keep an eye on what’s going on.

A video has emerged showing a Springfield, Missouri teacher bullying students during an exchange over unicorn cupcakes. The teacher called students “”straight jerk,” “butthead” and “pain in my butt.”

The video shows a teacher, who has not been identified, is talking about the unicorn cupcakes she brought to class on the last day of school. It’s not known what prompted her to go off on the 11 year old boy but she went off the handle.

“Just because I support another thing doesn’t mean I don’t support straight people, too,” the teacher said at the start of the video. “Just because I’m Mexican doesn’t mean I don’t also support Black people or Irish people or ignorant people.”

The teacher then inferred the student was an ignorant person. The student said something about being “ignored” and then teacher lashed out saying, “Would you like a special unicorn cupcake for being straight, jerk?”

The student said “yes” and the teacher, called it a “straight jerk cupcake” and then said he was “a pill.”

At this point, the student got underneath the skin of the teacher who said, “What a dip.” She then explained “A dip, like a dipstick, a butthead, a weasel, a pain in my butt.”

The video was captured by a student and the school opened an investigation.

“The video includes comments that do not meet the professional standards for educators. They are inappropriate and inexcusable,” Stephen Hall, chief communications officer for the school district said.

“As a result of the district’s internal investigation, SPS has taken appropriate disciplinary actions. While details of personnel matters must remain confidential, our response has followed the guidelines outlined by our board policy and reflects the district’s zero-tolerance for this type of conduct,” added Hall.

Hall also added that the incident was handled before it went viral on social media, the teacher no longer works for the school.

It’s time for cameras in the classroom, it’s a great way to keep our kids and teachers accountable. If police officers need to wear body cameras to be held accountable why not in our classrooms? If the student in the classroom did record that video that teacher would still be employed and continue to bully students.

Springfield News