Teachers Are Posting Their Obituaries Because They Must Go Back To Work Like Everyone Else

Teachers around the country are posting their obituaries because they are being forced to go back to work like everyone else. 

Unlike grocery store employees who worked through the entire pandemic and didn’t have the ability to work remote educators are pitching a fit. 

Whitney Reddick, 33, posted her own obituary on Facebook and the liberal media was all over it. 

“It is crazy,” Reddick said. “I’m seeing my name in publications I’ve never even heard of. Hands down, this is not my first vocal stance, or the first activism that I’ve taken on the issue. So whenever it did take off, I was obviously humbled. I had no expectation of that whatsoever.”

Below is an excerpt from Ms. Reddick’s obituary: 

However, even though she shouted from the rooftops, attempted to be unemotional, and educated herself in facts and science, she succumbed to the ignorance of those in power. She returned to work, did her best to handle all the roles placed on her shoulders; educator, COVID-security guard, human shield, firefighter, social worker, nurse, and caregiver but the workload weakened her, and the virus took hold.

Why the stink? The first day of school is set for August 20th in Jacksonville, Florida and Reddick is supposed to report for work in a few days. 

 Another teacher wrote: “Been feeling really off this week because I’m working on writing my will. I turned 27 last week, but I’m a teacher and I’m scared.”

One teacher told Duval County Schools Superintendent Diana Greene that “blood will be on” their hands for making them go back to in-person teaching. The teacher complained the state and school district need to “heed science.”

What science are we talking about? The CDC itself says in-person teaching is safe, is she implying that the vaccines aren’t safe? 

Millions of Americans have been back to work (vaccinated and unvaccinated) for months, you don’t see them drafting wills, they are eager to get back to normal. Children have suffered enough if you don’t want to go back to work then resign. 

USA Today