Teachers Union President Forced To Do A 180 After Facts Ruin Her Battle With DeSantis

One would imagine that after over a year into this pandemic liberals would give up going after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis but that is not the case.

DeSantis is up for re-election and his campaign recently announced new merchandise that infuriated the left.

The “Don’t Fauci My Florida” t-shirt really got under their skin especially Teachers Union President Randi Weingarten.

“Disgusting. Millions of Floridians are going to die for Ron DeSantis’ ignorance and he’s choosing to profit from it,” Weingarten claimed. “He doesn’t care about Floridians; he cares about furthering his own cruel agenda.”

As we reported earlier this week, teachers unions are in a war with DeSantis because they must go back to work like everyone else.

Then this funny little thing called science/data (the real kind) got in the way causing Weingarten to backpedal.

DeSantis press secretary pointed out that Florida’s COVID death rate is lower than the national average and doesn’t tweak the numbers like Cuomo.

It only got worse for Weingarten from there as many pointed out Florida, a more populated state than New York has seen about 38,000 COVID deaths compared to 53,000 deaths in the empire state.

The backlash forced Weingarten to do a 180 although she wouldn’t apologize to DeSantis.