Sen Ted Cruz Gives Blistering Response To CNN Stelter’s Groveling Interview With Press Sec Psaki

Yikes, CNN’s Brian Stelter has been mocked by many after his – what many are calling – “bootlicking” interview with White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

The interview was pathetic below is an example of some of the questions Stelter asked Psaki.

“Busy summer ahead, infrastructure, election reform. What does the press get wrong when covering Biden’s agenda? When you watch the news, when you read the news, what do you think we get wrong?”
“There are times in your briefings where you seem so comfortable, then there’s times where you seem frustrated by the lines of questioning. So, I want to know what the job is like versus what you expected it to be like?”
“[Biden]said in his inaugural, we all have a duty to defend the truth and defeat the lies. Five months in, do you feel you’ve made any progress with that, defeating the lies?”
“For other P.R. professionals who watch what you do, for journalists who watch what you do, what’s your advice for them about trying to stay close to the truth in this world of lies?”
“You mentioned your kids, you have a daughter going into kindergarten, I have a daughter going into pre-K. And I think to myself, what kind of countries is this going to be when they are our age? Do you — do you fear that, given the craziness we’re seeing from the GOP? Do you fear that for our — for our kids, your kids and mine?”

The interview by Stelter was so bad Glenn Greenwald warned it should have an adult content warning, you could tell even Psaki was weirded out by Stetler’s admiration.

Senator Ted Cruz gave a blistering response to the interview…

Former Trump Administration Press Secretary Sean Spicer also gave a great response.