The Beijing Biden’s: Hunter Helped Kill US Manufacturing Jobs And Sent Them To China

The Beijing Biden’s helped kill US manufacturing jobs, you know the ones Obama said were never going to come back and sent them to China. Hunter’s Chinese investment fund BHR negotiated “one of the largest acquisitions by a Chinese company of a US based automotive manufacturing company in history.”

The 2015 buyout was an effort of then Vice President Biden oversight outsourcing millions of jobs to China, the $600 million deal was authorized by the Committee on Foreign Investment and guess who was also in on the deal, Christopher Heinz, stepson of John Kerry, Obama’s Secretary of State.

The National Pulse reported:

The deal was authorized by the Committee on Foreign Investment while Joe Biden was Vice President and Christopher Heinz, stepson of Obama-era Secretary of State John Kerry, was also a partner at BHR.

The younger Biden remained on the board as recently as October 2019. In a recent letter, lawyers said: “Mr. Robert Hunter Biden no longer serves as an unpaid director on the board of Bohai Harvest RST (Shanghai) Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. effective from October 2019.” But they didn’t clarify anything about Hunter Biden’s 10 percent ownership stake.

A statement by the U.S. firm being sold – Henniges Automative – called the deal “one of the largest acquisitions by a Chinese company of a U.S.-based automotive manufacturing company in history.”

While the company retains five domestic facilities in North Carolina, Missouri, Oklahoma, Iowa, and its global headquarters in Michigan, post acquisition, Henniges has added factories across the world, instead of in America.

In 2016, the company Chinese purchaser – AVIC Automotive Systems Holding Co. Ltd – added a factory in Poland, and a new European Headquarters in the Czech Republic.

The company also expanded in Latin America, investing $30 million to construct its first production plant in Brazil, expected to generate 300 jobs.

The deal lacked any protection for American workers as Hunter Biden shipped American jobs oversees.

The National Pulse