The Coronavirus Can’t Stop These Trump Rallies From Popping Up! Liberals Are Fuming

You can’t stop these Trump Rallies!

Once again Trump supporters are rallying showing amazing support for President Trump.

Over the weekend supporters for President Trump gathered along the Intracoastal Waterway in the Jacksonville, Florida area for a “Trump 2020 Boat Rally.”

The massive procession of boats started at Little Jetties and cruised south to Ponte Vedra.

“It’s a great event, because it demonstrates the First Amendment of the constitution, or a political activist can go out in public and say what they have to say and how they feel and who they can support, whether it be Republican or Democrat,” said Ray Shaw, a Navy veteran.

President Trump also showed his support.

Some attendees claimed that there were over 400 boats that took part in the event.

“You can’t ignore the support for Trump,” a Jacksonville resident who participated in the event told Breitbart News, adding that the turnout gives her faith. 

This poor liberal was a little upset, notice she says Trump supporters are showing a blatant disregard for the public as her family that is also complaining about the parade are crammed on a boat together as well.

People posted the event on social media! You never saw Obama get support like this!

Jacksonville News 4