The Crap Hits The Fan: Whistleblower Docs Blow The Lid Off NSBA Scandal, AG Garland Is On Thin Ice

Not long ago the National School Boards Association wrote a memo to the Justice Department and the Department of Homeland Security calling parents at school board meeting domestic terrorists. The memo asked the DOJ to use the Patriot Act to go after parents protesting and flipping school districts.

It was later learned that the president of the NSBA collaborated with the Biden administration “for weeks” before sending the memo.

It was Viola Garcia, the president of the NSBA who appointed the national Assessment governing board to write the memo. Since the memo’s backlash Garcia left the NSBA for a cushy job inside the Biden Administration.

The backlash was so severe that the NSBA apologized however the damage had already been done. All over the country school board associations withdrew their affiliations with the NSBA.

From Politico:

Nicole Neily, president of Parents Defending Education, a group “working to reclaim our schools from activists imposing harmful agendas,” said her group has emailed 47 state school board associations for comment on the NSBA’s Sept. 29 letter. Neily said 19 have distanced themselves from the group’s letter, and many state school boards said they had not been made aware of the NSBA’s request ahead of time.

Well, things just got even juicer, a whistleblower has turned over documents to Republican members of the House Judiciary Committee showing evidence that the Biden administration is using counterterrorism tools to snoop on parents.

Below is one of the documents made public by House Republicans:

The question now is what did Biden know and when did he know it?

Is Biden directly responsible for trying to devise a way for the federal government to spy on parents?