The DNC Duchess Eva Longoria Touches A Nerve & Is Forced To Grovel For BLM’s Forgiveness

The host for the Democrat National Convention got herself in hot water with BLM activists.

During an interview on MSNBC to discuss the 2020 Presidential election Longoria had the gall to put Hispanic women over Black women.

“The women of color showed up in big ways,” said the actress. “Of course, you saw in Georgia, what Black women have done, but Latina women were the real heroines here, beating men in turnout in every state and voting for Biden-Harris at an average rate close to three-to-one.”

The still wanna-be Governor of Georgia, Stacey Abrams and other Black woman activists were furious.

Almost immediately Longoria was forced to clear the air.

“About my MSNBC interview, Black women have long been the backbone of the Democratic party, something we have seen played out in this election as well as previous ones. Black women should be applauded and lifted up! They brought this victory home in a BIG way!” She wrote.

What she claims she meant to compare Latinas to Latino men.

If you read the comments on the post you’ll notice, nobody believed her.

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