The Last Straw! City Welds Park Gates Shut, NYC Jews Cancel DeBlasio Then Take Matters Into Their Own Hands

Brooklyn’s Jewish community is fed up and decided after New York City Mayor endorsed 15,000 people gathering in support of Black Lives Matter over the weekend they are taking matters into their own hands.

Mayor Bill de Blasio ordered that the city lock or weld gates to prevent playgrounds from being opened inside the city on the same weekend that he allowed thousands of people to support black lives matter. Below is a picture of the march that happened over the weekend.

The city’s Parks & Recreation department originally welded the entrance to a community park in a heavily Jewish community. Then the city “unwelded” the gate and installed a chain and padlock.

“All playgrounds are closed across the City to keep our children safe,” a NYC parks spokesperson told the Daily Caller. “At this playground, a temporary measure was used to shut the playground after it was breached. It will be unwelded today and replaced with a lock.”

However, the community has had enough and cut open the lock with a bolt-cutter.

DeBlasio and Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo are also facing a lawsuit from Catholic priests and Jewish congregants who are accusing them of having a double standard when it comes to allowing massive protests and worship gatherings which have been banned due to coronavirus restrictions.

The Daily Caller