Liberals Freak Out And Call Kylie Jenner A Racists After Instagram Picture

The Instagram influencer, businesswoman, and 22-year-old reality TV star Kylie Jenner was called a racist by left-wing nut jobs over a picture she posted on her Instagram.

The pictured that Jenner posted that was quickly deleted showed her hair styled in “twist braids” and was accused of cultural appropriation. The style of twist braids is a common style that black women use to do their hair and left-wing nut jobs felt since Jenner is white she can’t braid her hair.

The photo was an outtake from her Paper Magazine 2019 cover shoot. After negative comments started coming in Jenner deleted the photo from her Instagram however, fashion photographers Luca and Alessandro Morelli who took the pictures posted the image.

In the picture, Jenner has a sexy look with blonde braids, a green flannel, and a blue tank top. If anything her barbwire necklace and outfit reminds me of the grunge rock girls I used to hang out with when I was a teenager.


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Happy New Year People! @kyliejenner by @morellibrothers #gwenstefani

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One user commented that Kylie immediately deleting the tweet because of the hate is “just sad.”

Another commenter said that Jenner was getting serious backlash and people were claiming she didn’t “look cute” and that she should “stop trying.”

If you sift through the comments on the Morelli brothers post there you’ll find plenty of comments of people dissing Jenner for being racists over her hair due.

Since when is it racists to style your hair the way you please? If a black woman decides that she wants to wear a blonde wig and straighten her hair is that racists? Absolutely not! This idea that we can’t look or dress a certain way because we may offend someone is ridiculous. Kylie looks great, her picture was not even remotely disrespectful and liberals are nuts; leave the poor girl alone.

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