The Left Has Taken Over The Dictionary, Websters Changes Word Definition To Match Dem Attacks On Judge Barrett

The Left has now taken over the dictionary and changed the definition of a word to match the attacks on Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

Shortly after Senator Mazie Hirono created a new definition for the term “sexual preference” she claimed the term is offensive. On the same day, Webster quietly changed the definition.

For those concerned about the claim, click here to view the internet archive websters definition change for yourself.

The Post Millenial reports:

Just one month ago, as pointed out by editor and podcaster Steve Krakauer, this notion that the term “preference” could be understood as “offensive” in the context of “sexual preference” was neither part of Webster’s dictionary nor of the LGBTQ lexicon.

The concept that the term “sexual preference” was offensive was entirely made up by social media pundits who couldn’t find anything else wrong with Barrett or her testimony, so they manufactured outrage surrounding the term. Then they decided that the meaning of the term had always been thus, that the term was offensive through and through and always had been. Joe Biden used the term just recently. And the LGBT community has a long history of being totally fine with the term.

Then it just so happened that on the same day the term was used to attack Judge Barrett Webster changed the meaning of the word.

The Left is erasing our past and most of us don’t even know it. How many other words have been altered by woke liberals?

Charles Murray issued a great warning, he said that even if Biden wins the Woke “won’t be cabinet secretaries.” They’ll be the administrative bureaucracies infecting local governments and school boards.

Post Millenial