The ‘Liar Of Benghazi’ Is Considered New Front Runner For Biden’s Running Mate

There is a new front runner in the Biden running mate sweepstakes and it’s the “liar of Benghazi,” crooked former National Security Adviser who sends strange emails to herself, Susan Rice.

The Biden campaign recently announced that she is “very much in the mix.”

“I know they have a good relationship — perhaps the best relationship of anyone on the list,” the source close to the Biden campaign said. “They’ve known each other for years, they’ve worked alongside each other and she’s been tested in a way that a lot of folks on the list just haven’t been.” 

Of course, they’ve had a good relationship, we now know just how close they’ve been when they were working together on setting up General Michael Flynn.

“Everyone automatically thinks of Kamala when they think he needs to pick a woman of color. It’s become conventional wisdom,” said a source who worked in the Obama administration alongside Biden and Rice. “But if you look at Susan’s credentials, she makes perfect sense. She’s a rock star who has the confidence, stature and gravitas to be vice president.”

Biden had recently said during an interview with Norah O’Donnell that he wants a running mate that is “simpatico.”

“It’s really important that whomever you pick as a vice president agrees with you in terms of your philosophy of government and agrees with you on the systemic things that you want to change,” Biden said to O’Donnell.

“They worked shoulder to shoulder together on a whole range of things — eight years of working together solving problems,” said a source familiar with Biden and Rice’s work in the administration. “It’s not just that they were in the administration together, but they were working directly with one another on a daily or weekly basis.” 

I could not think of a better running mate for the former Vice President, it would literally look like the Democrats are trying to create Obama 2.0. Think of all the fun we could have to relive how Rice lied about Benghazi and how she and Biden set up General Flynn.

The Hill