The New York Times Just Awarded John Fetterman with This!

It’s still beyond belief that John Fetterman won the Senate seat in PA against Mehmet Oz. Since the win, he has made one appearance on Capitol Hill for an orientation and his wife walked around and told reporters not to ask him questions. 

We still don’t have any reason to believe that he will be capable of fulfilling the job PA voters gave him. But he will in fact represent the state for the next six years if his health holds out. 

The election was hard enough to believe, now there is this…

The New York Times reported that Fetterman is one of the world’s 93 “most stylish” people.

What? Wait…he looks like he got his clothes from the Good Will dumpster. 

This is absolutely true. 

The diverse list of 2022’s most fashionable includes some celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé, and Harry Styles. And Fetterman was featured on the list next to a picture of him wearing his normal uniform, a hooded sweatshirt, shorts, and a pair of sneakers. 

The New York Times believes that Fetterman will bring the workwear clothing brand Carhartt to Capitol Hill. Can you imagine if a conservative won wearing this garb?

What is the New York Times doing? They can’t really believe their own stuff. Some think that they are in the midst of a game plan to destroy any sense of normalcy the typical American might have in their mind. That way, you won’t argue when they talk about 72 genders or men dressed as women twerking for children. 

The warpath is set to turn upside-down the values that most Americans hold dear to them. So let’s celebrate the senator that dresses like a bum as one of the most stylish in the world. 

The good news is that his wife probably won’t let him talk to the press about this new award.