The Piano That Was Played Heard Around The World, Europe Is DONE With COVID-19 Lockdowns

If Lexington, Massachusettes was the first shot heard around the world then I think what happened in Spain may be the song heard around the world.

Spain has been seeing an increase in protest because the government continues to impose strict Wuhan virus protocols. The scene below was almost out of a movie as police in Spain charged protestors.

Experts on CNN and MSNBC said over the summer that Spain has done a better job handling the virus than America because of their restrictions.

However, despite Spain’s lockdowns the virus is still moving through the community and the people of the country are ready to move on; they’ve had enough.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez extended Spain’s state of emergency for another six months but this time they are allowing regional governments to impose restrictions.

Riots ended up breaking out in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, and other cities when the federal government began imposing curfews to “stop the spread” despite claiming they would allow regional governments to handle restrictions

National Review reports:

Riots protesting the restrictions occurred in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, and various other cities, Spanish newspaper El Pais reported. Police arrested 32 people in Madrid, after rioters set fire to trash cans and vandalized storefronts and banks. Regional police in Barcelona warned on Friday that “very violent and organized far-right groups” were behind demonstrations in that city.

In Madrid, demonstrators chanted slogans including, “Stop the political mafia, stop the dictatorship,” “Madrid says enough,” and “Madrid is being ruined.” Sánchez condemned the behavior of the rioters as “violent and irrational.”

Protests are starting to break out all over Europe.

Residents in Italy are fed up as well, they been started violating and protesting new restrictions in Rome, Florence, and Naples.

Funny when protests broke out all over the world condemning the death of George Floyd the media went crazy. Where are they now?

National Review