The ‘Real Thing’ Link Between Musk and Trump Has Finally Been Found

Well, the connection between former President Donald Trump and Twitter CEO Elon Musk has finally been revealed, and believe me, it’s the “real thing.”
It’s not so much a smoking gun as it is a smoking aluminum can, a can of Diet Coke.
The liberal media, with a focus on The Washington Post, have discovered a much deeper connection between Musk and Trump than just being on friendly terms with some political disagreements. There is more there than two rich guys with influence, the Washington Post has figured it all out.
The Post actually wrote an entire article on the dangerous link between these two focusing on the “power” Diet Coke had to reel in both of these men along with other disgraceful people like Harvey Weinstein. You know really bad people are hooked on Diet Coke.
Trump was known for drinking a lot of Diet Coke, and Musk released a picture of his bedside table litter with cans of soda.
Don’t you see it now?
And the Washington Post is not alone, in 2018, the New Yorker cited evidence that both Trump and Weinstein drank the beverage. They wrote that Diet Coke was “the elixir of soft-bodied plutocrats desperate to shed their shady pasts and, possibly, a few pounds.”
Musk tweeted back in June, “Diet Coke is amazing, especially the soda fountain version at movie theaters with salt & butter popcorn.” And in April he tweeted plans to restore the drink’s original formula.
Trump drank as many as 12 cans a day and he had a call button on his desk to get a fresh glass.
So there you have it…well, I’m not sure exactly what “it” is, but there’s got to be something to this. It was published in the Washington Post after all.

Take a look at all this “evidence,” especially the last post. It’s a shocker: