The Reality Of Defunding The Police: Minneapolis Community Takes Incredible Measures To Protect Neighborhood From Violent Crime…A Sign Of Things To Come

Crime has exploded in Minneapolis, after weeks of protests and violent riots the city have fallen apart. City Council has voted to disband and dissolve the police department. The mayor is powerless, business are leaving, and residents that can are fleeing the city. Those that remain have found themselves in an explosion of violent crime.

The Wall Street Journal reported:

“Minneapolis residents in some areas still recovering from rioting and unrest are forming community watch and security groups, some bearing firearms, to fight a surge of crime.”

Who could blame them?

If I lived in one of these neighborhoods I would be doing the same thing.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

“In late June, residents near a commercial strip that had been looted, and the 3rd Precinct station that was abandoned and burned, were seeing a surge of shooting and drug-related crime on their block.

“It got to the point where crime had no consequences,” said Tania Rivera, 30, who runs a child-care center with her mother. “It was being done deliberately out in the open. Drive-through drug dealing, drive-through prostitution, everything from gunshots to assaults to sex out in the public. Everything you didn’t want your neighborhood to look like.”

So after a number of community meetings, neighbors began constructing a barrier to close off two blocks of their street, first with trash cans, then debris. For a while, a boat on a trailer protected one intersection. Eventually, a nearby iron maker constructed a permanent gate. Police gave their approval as long as emergency responders could get through if requested by the neighborhood.

Think about this, in a US city armed citizens are patrolling their communities and got permission from police to construct a permanent gate!

The defund the police movement is turning United States cities into the wild west.

City Council, who has left Minneapolis residence defenseless is trying to prevent neighborhoods from organizing.

From the Journal:

Councilmember Linea Palmisano said armed neighborhood patrols, or even efforts to just keep unfamiliar people out of a neighborhood, opens a Pandora’s box.

“We are lurching for solutions,” she said, noting she doesn’t support the idea of doing away with the police department but supports the idea of letting residents vote on it.

With the neighborhood patrols, “you could very easily create the same things we rally against,” she said.

Democrats in Minneapolis are reckless and clueless. They have abandoned their community for an idea they don’t even understand. They have no solutions and they are turning American city’s into 3rd world countries.

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