Media Is Clueless: Doesn’t Understand Why The Trump Campaign Posted Biden Video, Proving They Still Don’t Get It

Jonathan Martin, writer for the New York Times is clueless and that’s a good thing, it shows that the media still doesn’t get it.

After Tuesdays Biden debacle the same media that told you President Trump is violent praised the former Vice President for getting in an auto worker’s face and saying he’d like to slap him. Martin wrote, “Republican vet sends this over and asks: “Why on earth is the Trump Campaign sending this out? Do they think this makes Biden look bad? People are going to love this”

First of all, I don’t believe a Republican vet sent that over and if it was it was a never-trumped because they are just as clueless.

Before we go any further let’s recap:

On Tuesday Joe Biden visits an auto plant in Michigan this is a blue-collar, union autoworker factory traditionally a Democrat stronghold (until President Trump came along). When Biden is confronted by an auto worker he loses it, he screams at the voter, points a finger in his face, says he’ll ban “AR-14s,” and insults him.”

This is Michigan, President Trump took Michigan because the working people of the state believed in him, and Hillary Clinton wrote them off. If you remember Hillary Clinton did not campaign in the rust belt thinking she had locked that area up. 

Putting the dementia onset aside the media believes Joe acting tough confronting voters is a good idea but, it proves they don’t get. They think Biden is mimicking the tough talk that President Trump engages in but, that is not the case.

Joe Biden is a member of the establishment, he’s not a symbol of the working man, he’s the Vice President from the Obama Administration and has been in office for decades.

What normal people see is an elitist, who’s a politician, talking down to the working man at his job, and bragging he’s going to take away his constitutional rights; that is not a winning combination. President Trump is not a member of the establishment, it’s why we voted him into office. When he talks tough he is not talking down to the American people, he’s talking down to the corrupt politicians that have penetrated our government.

That’s the difference, President Trump loves Americans but talks down to those who have tried to ruin this country. Biden is shocked someone would have the gall to question him and talks down to Americans (those he needs to vote for him). The media has the same mentality proving that after almost four years, they still don’t get it.