The Snake In The Grass: New Report Shows Barr Used The Full Force Of His Office To Keep Hunter Probe Secret

A new report reveals that Attorney General Bill Barr used the force of his office to demand prosecutors investigating Hunter Biden keep it quiet.

Barr and his team told prosecutors investigation Biden to “insulate” the investigation even when President Trump demanded answers.

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, the instructions were given orally in “conversations with prosecutors” so no paper trail could be discovered. The instructions issued by Barr was to make sure staff members involved with the case could be trusted.

The report claims that Barr sought to uphold the Department of Justice policy against interfering in an election. What the Journal didn’t disclose was that the investigation started in 2018 before Joe Biden announced he was running for the Democrat nomination for president.

Part of Barr’s instructions were for prosecutors to not make any moves that could go public until after the election.

What’s else is Barr keep from the President and the American people?

Just a couple of weeks ago he said the DOJ has found no evidence of systemic voter fraud and I don’t believe him.

In October, the media, Democrats, former deep state intelligence officials all said the Hunter Biden story as Russian disinformation.


Independent Journalist, Glenn Greenwald hammered the media over their behavior covering the Hunter Biden story.