The ‘Woke’ Press: ESPN Host Mocks NBA Player Who Refused To Kneel After Season Ending Injury

This is the modern Democrat party and this is the “woke” media.

ESPN host Dan Le Batard posted online that he thought it was funny that Jonathan Issacs, who refused to wear BLM attire or kneel for the anthem suffered a season-ending injury.

Isaac has explained that he is a committed Christian and that he will not protest during the anthem and he also refused to wear a Black Lives Matter t-shirt.

During the game on Sunday, Issac was knocked to the floor and ended up tearing his ACL. Issac’s had to be taken off the floor by wheelchair because he could not walk. Due to the seriousness of the injury, Isaac will be out for the season.

After the injury, Le Batard posted a “funny” poll asking his fans if they thought it was funny Issacs’ was injured on the court.

Le Batard wrote, “Is it funny that the guy who refused to kneel immediately blew out his knee?”

The backlash was severe and Le Batard quickly deleted the post and apologized.

“We apologize for this poll question. I said on the front and back end of the on-air conversation that I didn’t think it was funny. Regardless of the context, we missed the mark. We took the tweet down when we realized our mistake in how we posed the question to the audience.”

Jonathan Isaac didn’t respond to the poll but put out a positive message that his “comeback will be greater than my setback.”

Sportscaster for NBC sports, Kayte Hunter that covers the Sacramento Kings spoke out and slammed those happy about Isaac’s injury.

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