These Women Are Fighting Back Against Dems Trying To Take Away Their 2nd Amend Rights

As the left and the media are on a full-throttled attempt to take our guns away these women are standing tall despite attacks from the left. I would take any one of these self mad women over anyone from Michael Bloomberg’s funded Moms Demand Action group.


Liberte Austin


Recently Liberte Austin has been a victim of attacks from the left because she promotes guns on her Instagram page and is a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment. Liberte explains that she became interested in guns after she was a victim of a home break-in. “That set the course for me for the next few years, to live in fear,” she says. “When I started hunting, that’s when I gained a sense of power back in my life.” Austin started promoting ads for Liberty Safe and extremist anti-gun nuts on Instagram forced her account to be shadowbanned by Instagram (shadowbanned is when you don’t realize it but a social media platform censors your account). After her shadow banning became public Instagram claimed there was an “error” and lifted the block on her account.

Restaurant owner Lauren Boeber also has been attacked recently by leftist after she stood up to failed Democrat 2020 presidential primary candidate Beto O’Rourke. Lauren Boebert is the owner of a restaurant called Shooters Grill in Rifle, Colorado; it’s a pro-Second Amendment restaurant where the waitresses open carry pistols.

Lauren Boeber

During an outdoor town hall, Boeber confronted Beto and said, “I am here to say hell no, you’re not, I have four children. I’m 5 foot zero, 100 pounds, cannot defend myself with a fist. I want to know how you’re going to legislate that, because a criminal by defense breaks the law. So all you’re going to do is restrict law-abiding citizens like myself.”

Most recently, Anna Paulina Luna who is a veteran and strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment is attempting to unseat Democrat Rep. Charlie Crist in Florida. Luna was recently featured in Ballistic Magazine. Luna is working very hard to defeat Red Flag laws in the State of Florida and nationally. She recently even took on Parkland, Fl jerk David Hogg over his comments about gun owners.

I would take any of these self-made women over the billionaire-funded ladies of Moms Demand Action. These women are the real deal, not rich lobbyists trying to influence politicians.