They’re After DeSantis with Craziness…Wait ‘Til You See This Accusation – Watch

I guess we will have to get used to this, as DeSantis continues to rise in the right’s eye, the left will do whatever they can to drag him down. Do you remember when “60 Minutes” tried to accuse him of selling access to the coronavirus vaccines? Or how about when the White House basically accused him of murdering people?

Well here we go again, according to a supposed former inmate at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, DeSantis led a “torture” regime against him and other prisoners. 

The former Guantanamo detainee says that he was tortured by the Florida governor during the 10 months that DeSantis spent in the facility in 2006.

To begin with, no one can corroborate this testimony, so the press is taking the word of one man. And no one has any idea about the motive behind this information. So all we have is what the man said and it is pretty wild. 

According to the former prisoner, DeSantis signed off on having him forcibly fed “Ensure” while he was on a hunger strike. 

Yep, that is it. Nothing else. The governor’s torture, even if it is true was attempting to save a man’s life who was trying to commit suicide.

The truth is that it is hard to believe this story in the first place. DeSantis as a torture boss doesn’t even fit with his military service. He was a JAG who served in the Middle East. Was he ever even in Guantanamo Bay?

And if he was, members of the military would never have used their real names. They were dealing with alleged terrorists, and there would have been safety protocols. So even if the “Ensure” story is true, there is a huge possibility of mistaken identity. 

So it seems that DeSantis is going to have to get used to this silliness from a large portion of the left and even some who are extreme on the right. 

Fortunately, the governor’s record speaks for itself. I’m “ensure” he can weather this storm.